Video: 3 Ways to Make Money From Domain Names


Learn 3 ways to make money from buying domain names, and make a great profit.

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Today, you are going to learn 3 ways of making money from domain names.

1. Make Money From Parked Domain Names

Have you got an unused domain name? Use a service like cash parking to make money out of your parked domain name.

If you have a registered domain name you’re not using for a website or email, it’s called a parked domain. It’s possible to make money on your parked domain.

How? When you associate your parked domain with a CashParking account, a web page is created for your domain. GoDaddy’s advertising partners place advertisements on that page.

Each time a visitor clicks an ad, you receive a share of the generated revenue. The revenue depends on the number and type of advertisements that visitors click.

The displayed advertisements vary depending on several factors, including the quality of your domain name, and the amount and type of traffic your page receives.

2. Domain Investing: Buy and Sell Domain Names

Domain Investing — Buy cheap and easy to remember .com domain names and then sell them for hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars on domain name marketplaces.

Did you know that your domain is not only your website’s unique internet address but also an asset with intrinsic value?

That’s right. Just like all the other things you own, your domain could be worth a lot, a little, or somewhere in between.

In general, the most valuable domains are short, easy to spell names that end in .com. They’re valuable because they are easy for people to find, remember and type. In other words, they are more likely to drive potential customers to websites.

Every registered domain name is owned by a person or entity of some kind, such as a company, organization, or government.

It is possible for registered domain names to exist but not be associated with any Internet resource.

This is where domain investing comes in.

When domain names are not in use, their owners have the option of selling them in what is called the “domain aftermarket.”

Domain investors purchase them with the hope they will gain value over time.

Some domain investors also search for entirely new domains. When they find an available name they think will gain in value, they register it and hold on to it until they feel they can sell if for a profit.

The prices of aftermarket domain names vary widely. Determining the market value of a domain name is a complex process, similar to determining the market value of a piece of real estate.

3. Sell Your Domain on Auctions Marketplaces

Domain Auctions — Sell your domain name to whoever pays more on a market like GoDaddy Auctions.

You know about online auctions, but have you heard about domain auctions?

A domain auction is a marketplace for domain buyers and sellers.

Domains are more than just web addresses — valuable ones are like online real estate. And memorable domains or those that rank high in search engine results can grow in value over time.

Usually, when a domain expires, it is sold at auction. An owner of an active domain can also put their domain up for sale. And, just as bidding wars can erupt in online auctions over a rare baseball card, a domain name that is considered valuable can generate a ton of interest at a domain auction.

At GoDaddy Auctions, buyers can monitor expired domain auctions, in real time, from their desktop or by using a mobile app. Buyers can place bids right from their phones. Sellers have a number of options when putting their domain up for sale.

GoDaddy Auctions offers products to make your domain name more visible to buyers. Sellers can determine their preferred pricing strategy using a time fixed auction, wait for offers to come to them, or set a buy now price to sell quickly. And everyone who participates in GoDaddy Auctions is protected by stringent fraud prevention standards to ensure a fair and open marketplace.

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