Video: SEO Myth. Are Multiple H1 Tags Bad for SEO?


John Mueller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, answers the question of whether it is a problem or not to have multiple H1 tags on the same page.

Many SEO tools say "Yes", but is it really true?

The short answer is no, that's one of many SEO Myths you should not believe.


Today's question comes from Germany.

Markus asks: My site's template has multiple H1s, is this a problem?

An H1 element is commonly used to markup a heading on a page. There's something to be said from having a single clear of a page.

So how critical to have just one of these on a page?

The answer is short and easy, it's not a problem.

With HTML5, it's common to have separate H1 elements for different parts of a page.

If you use an HTML5 template, there's a chance your page will correctly use multiple H1 headings automatically.

That's it, regardless of whether you use HTML5 or not, having multiple H1 elements on a page is fine.

Semantically marking up your page's content to let search engines know how it fits together is always a good idea.

If you end up using multiple heading for a page, that's fine.

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