Video: SEO Myth. Subdomains Less Valuable Than Subfolders?


John Mueller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, answers the question of which is better for SEO, a subdomain or a subfolder.

Some SEO articles on the internet promote the idea that subdomains are less valuable than subfolders; is it true?

The short answer to this question is no, that is another SEO Myth that you should not believe.


Today's question is an evergreen one.

Deepak, from India, asked us subdomain or subfolder, which one is the most beneficial for SEO?

Google web search is fine with using either subdomains or subdirectories.

Making changes to your site's URL tends to take time to settle down on search. So, I recommend picking a setup that you can keep for long.

Some servers make it easier to set up the different part of the website into subdirectories. That's fine for us.

This helps us with crawling since we understand that everything is on the same server and we can crawl in a similar way.

Sometimes, this also makes it easier for users to recognize that these sections are all a part of the same bigger website.

On other servers, using subdirectories for different sections like a blog, a shop can be trickier, and it's easier to put them up on subdomains. That also works for us.

You'll need to verify subdomains separately in search console. Make any changes in settings and track all performance per subdomain.

We do have to learn how to crawl them separately, but for the most part, that's just a formality for the first few days.

So, in short, use what works best for your set up and think about your longer-term plans when picking one or the other.

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